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Selecting Your Controller
Crystal Instruments (CI) offers more choices of vibration controllers than any other manufacturer. You can choose a very dedicated controller or a broad-application modular hardware platform. CI offers controllers with 2 to 512 input channels and 1 to 128 output channels. Every CI controller uses the same powerful Engineering Data Management (EDM) software providing exactly the same user-friendly control interface regardless of the selected hardware.

Each analog input is serviced by two 24-bit ADCs and a DSP implementing the cross-path calibration technology of our US Patent number 7,302,354 B2 to achieve better than 150 dB dynamic range, simultaneously measuring signals as small as 600 nV and as large as ±20 V,  with time data retained in 32-bit single precision format (per IEEE 754-2008). 54 sample rates from 0.48 Hz to 102.4 kHz are provided with better than 150 dB of alias-free data from DC to 45% of any selected sample rate protected by steep 160 dB/Octave anti-aliasing filters. Successful control is all about dynamic range and no competitor can exceed ours.

All Crystal Instruments controllers are designed to function as networked servers.  An Ethernet connection is used between the PC or laptop and the controller because it uses only differential signals and cannot cause a ground loop. In addition, Crystal Instruments employs Ethernet with IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time synchronization technology. Spider controllers and modules on the same network can be synchronized within 50 ns accuracy, even when hundreds of meters apart.  This guarantees ±1° cross-channel phase match up to 20 kHz across the complete system. With this unique technology and high-speed Ethernet data transfer, the distributed components on the network truly act as one integrated system.

With the wide variety of Crystal Instruments controllers, you are sure to find one that is exactly right for you. Our most popular model is the Spider-81, a full-featured dedicated controller with eight inputs and four outputs. When more channels are a “must” consider the 16 input Spider-81A. If you are testing complex prototypes and need the utmost in flexibility, consider a Spider-80X-A35 dedicated enclosure and multiple Spider-80X modules. For a minimum-cost system ideal for academic applications look to the 4 channel Spider-81B. If your work centers on transportation Squeak and Rattle resolution, consider the Spider-81C, which allows you to control the shaker with your iPad® as you walk around and interact with the test specimen.

Model Analog
I/O Pairs
LCD Panel
& Controls
SPIDER-81 8 yes 4 4 yes expandable to 512 inputs using SPIDER-HUB
SPIDER -81A 16 yes 4 4 yes built-in SPIDER-HUB with 7 IEEE 1588 Ethernet inputs
SPIDER -81B 4 2 4 high-quality low-cost basic controller
SPIDER -81C 2 1 4 built in wireless modem (no Ethernet)
SPIDER -H 4 1 dedicated controls Halt/Hass chamber temperature & humidity
SPIDER-80X 8 2 4 Dual-function DSA and VC S module
SPIDER-80X-A35 8N 2N 4N dedicated rack with N SPIDER-80X modules (1≤ N ≤ 8)

Crystal Instruments offers a full suite of control software. Choose exactly what you need and know that you can expand your test repertoire as required. Please visit http://www.crystalinstruments.com/ for far more detailed information about our Vibration Control System (VCS) hardware, software and application information.

Summary of Vibration Control Software (& Options)
VCS-20 Random Control
VCS-20-02 High Frequency Control
VCS-20-03 Data Recorder Function
VCS-20-04 High Resolution
VCS-20-05 Drive Notching/Limiting
VCS-20-06 Kurtosis Control
VCS-20-08 Sine on Random
VCS-20-09 Random on Random
VCS-20-10 Dual Shaker Control for Random
VCS-20-11 Displacement Optimization for Random
VCS-20-15 iPad Application for Random
VCS-40 Swept Sine Control
VCS-40-01 Resonance Search, Track and Dwell (RSTD)
VCS-40-03 High Frequency Control
VCS-40-05 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Measurement
VCS-40-06 Data Recorder Function
VCS-40-07 Drive Notching/Limiting
VCS-40-09 Low-frequency Control
VCS-40-10 Dual-Shaker Control for Sine
VCS-40-15 iPad Application for Sine

VCS-60 Classical Shock Control
VCS-60-01 Transient Time History Control (TTH)
VCS-60-02 Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
VCS-60-03 SRS Synthesis
VCS-60-04 Data Recorder Function for Shock and TTH
VCS-60-06 Large Block Size for Shock and TTH
VCS-80 Time Wave Replication
VCS-80-04 Data Recorder Function
General Software Option
VCS-00-05 Sine Oscillator
VCS-00-12 Non-Acceleration Control
VCS-00-14 Real-Time Sine Reduction
VCS-00-20 Multi-Master Licensing Option
VCS-00-24 EMA DC-Offset Control
VCS-00-36 Sensor Calibration
SPIDER CAL SPIDER Front-End Calibration Software