Sentek Dynamics’ TC and TCH Series Environmental Test Chambers*

Sentek Dynamics’ TC (temperature only) and TCH (temperature/humidity) Series Environmental Test Chambers expand a test chamber product line that includes the THV (temperature/humidity and vibration) Series AGREE (Department of Defense’s Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment) chambers.  The TC and TCH Series from Sentek Dynamics are uniquely designed and built for long-life performance and enhanced functionality to suit the needs of global testing standards.

Sentek Dynamics' environmental test chambers production facilities
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Developed with best engineering practices, the TC and TCH Series are highly-efficient, modular design, environmental test chambers with components from globally recognized manufacturers, such as Bitzer, GEA BOCK, Danfoss, Emerson, Castel and Siemens for maximum reliability and performance.

Temperature/Humidity System

  • Temperature Control – Optimized high-volume airflow system for improved controllability within chamber. Better airflow accelerates temperature change rates and minimizes temperature gradients of the device under test.

  • Humidity Control – The innovative design of the humidifier and air duct combined with a solid-state sensor assures high-accuracy and reduced maintenance.

  • Cooling Unit - The highly efficient and reliable cooling system has advanced features including a low-noise compressor, environmentally friendly refrigerant; nitrogen protected oxidation-free welding, advanced design, pneumatic and hydraulic adjustment, evaporation temperature adjustment.

  • Reduced Maintenance – A drawer-type water reservoir located in the front of the chamber with a water valve at the bottom of the reservoir, low-water level warning indication, nylon dust-proof filter located in front of condenser (removable from left side for cleaning), and centralized drainage for condensate water facilitate cleaning and reduce maintenance costs.

Operation and Control

  • Operation – The TC300 controller is a standard feature on all chambers and provides the ultimate in chamber performance and control stability. The 7” color touchscreen and user-friendly interface combine to simplify programming and reduce setup time and cost. The control software makes it easy to control the system manually or automatically.

  • Precision – The TC300 controller is a proven, third generation control system offering precise control, user convenience and enhanced functionality.

  • Safety – The TC300 controller includes built-in security and safety features to protect personnel, equipment and product under test. Power cut-off is password protected.

  • Communication – The TC300 controller offers a variety communication protocols that includes TCP/IP, USB and RS232.

  • Data Storage – TC300 controller internal memory allows for up to one year of data storage.

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Options and Accessories
Available options and accessories include but are not limited to the following:

  • Chart recorder
  • Water cooling
  • Glove port
  • Stainless steel welded-wire shelves
  • Low RH option
  • Recirculating humidity water supply
  • Electrical: 208/480 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz or 380 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz

*Systems tested & assembled in the USA coming soon. Check here for availability.

TC and TCH Test Chamber Specifications
Item Units TC/TCH Model
402A 702A 405A 705A 401A 701A
Internal Volume L 210 210 504 504 1000 1000
Internal dimensions - DxWxH mm 500x600x700 500x600x700 700x800x900 700x800x000 1000x1000x1000 1000x1000x1000
Outline Dimensions - DxWxH mm 1300x1100x1600 1200x1300x2000 1500x1500x2100
Weight kg 350 380 650 700 920 1000
Temperature Performance -
Maximum Temperature °C 150
Minimum Temperature °C -40 -70 -40 -70 -40 -70
Time for Cooling - No load minutes 20 to -40°C ≤90 20 to -70°C ≤90 20 to -40°C ≤90 20 to -70°C ≤90 20 to -40°C ≤90 20 to -70°C ≤90
Time for Heating - No load minutes 20 to 150°C ≤60
Heating Power kW 2 3 3 2 x 2
Temperature Fluctuation °C ≤1
Temperature Uniformity °C ±2
Temperature Deviation °C ±2
Temperature/Humidity Performance - Below Applicable to TCH Model Only
Temperature Range °C 20 - 85
Humidity Range %RH 25 - 98
Temperature Fluctuation °C ≤1
Temperature Uniformity °C ≤1
Temperature Deviation °C ±2
Humidity Deviation %RH ±5 with Humidity ≤75; +2/-3 with Humidity ≥75
Humidification Power kW 1.5 2 3
Electrical Requirement 208/480 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz or 380 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
Input Power kW 5 8 6 8 9.5 14
Maximum Power Consumption (TCH) kW 6.5 8 8 12.5 14
Noise dB 72 73 74 ≤75
Cooling Air