Power Amplifiers

Sentek Dynamics’ PA Series air-cooled, digital switching power amplifiers utilize an intelligent logic control system that assures maximum performance, safety, and reliability.  Standard amplifier outputs range from 1 to 480 kVA.  Interlocks to prevent shaker damage or operator injury include: Over-voltage, Over-current, Amplifier Over-temperature, Shaker Over-temperature, Over-travel, Phase Failure, and Power-module Fault.  The amplifier provides drive power to the shaker, field coils, blower unit and other ancillary components.

Features / Advantages

  • High conversion efficiency > 91 percent

  • Low harmonic distortion < 0.5% at typical testing frequencies

  • Designed for continuous use over extended periods of operation

  • LCD display for status and diagnostic messages

  • Space saving low-profile cabinet for amplifiers with outputs from 1 to 6 kVA

  • Selectable BNC connection on front panel and rear cabinet for drive input

  • Meets or exceeds international requirements for safety and EMC

  • Emergency stop (E-stop) on front panel

  • Optional remote control panel (RCP) that duplicates functionality of amplifier front panel

Power Modules
Designed with the latest, field-proven MOSFET technology, the 12 kVA power-modules consist of two independent 6 kVA sub-modules to ensure continued operation in the event of a sub-module failure. Design features include: Heatsinks and fans to allow safe, continuous operation at high output for extended periods of time: interchangeable, modular sub-modules for easy replacement if required; and built-in operation and fault LED lights to provide a quick source to identify failed components


Quality Components and Testing
PA Series amplifiers are designed and assembled with high quality components from globally recognized manufacturers such as Siemens, Bussmann Cooper, and others. All amplifiers are subject to rigorous in-process inspection before system acceptance testing to ensure performance, safety and compliance to established standards.

Replacement Amplifiers
Sentek Dynamics’ PA Series amplifiers can also be used to replace most other manufacturers obsolete, inefficient power amplifiers.  The PA Series amplifiers are nearly twice as efficient as older air and water-cooled amplifiers and provide a significant savings in power consumption and electrical bills. So significant, in fact, that the savings can offset the cost of a replacement amplifier in a very short period.

Shaker* System Type Amplifier Power
Number of
Make Model
LDS V640 Air-cooled 2 kVA 1
LDS V805 Air-cooled 18 kVA 1
LDS V954 Water-cooled 60 kVA 1
LDS V964 Water-cooled 120 kVA 3
Ling Electronics 335 Air-cooled 75 kVA 2
Ling Electronics A335 Water-cooled 105 kVA 3
Ling Electronics B335 Water-cooled 120 kVA 3
Ling Electronics A395 Air-cooled 30 kVA 1
Ling Electronics B395 Water-cooled 105 kVA 3
Ling Electronics 4022 Water-cooled 200 kVA 4
MB Dynamics C50 Air-cooled 30 kVA 1
Thermotron 939 Air-cooled 40 kVA 1
Unholtz Dickie T1000 Water/Air-cooled 120 kVA 3
Unholtz Dickie T4000 Water/Air-cooled 300 kVA 5

*Replacement amplifiers are available for other make and model shakers.
Please contact the Sentek Dynamics' sales office for more information.