Sentek Dynamics Permanent Magnet Shakers

Sentek Dynamics is pleased to announce its extensive product offering of high quality, lab grade permanent magnet shakers for “desktop” and “modal” vibration testing applications. Sentek Dynamics’ permanent magnet shakers are based on years of vibration testing experience and offer a proven solution to demanding vibration testing requirements.

Sentek Dynamics’ line of permanent magnet shakers are offered in two types. The MS Series is designed for “modal” testing applications while VT Series shakers are designed for “desktop” vibration testing involving payloads that are supported by the shaker armature. Both types offer wide frequency ranges, various force ratings and are paired with recommended LA Series amplifiers to form a complete solution to meet any required shaker application. Such as:

  • Modal analysis
  • Product fatigue testing
  • Structural response testing
  • Sensor/transducer calibration
  • Educational demonstrations at universities and research facilities
  • Vibration testing of small electronic and electromechanical assemblies, and materials

MS and VT Series advantages include:

  • High force to weight ratio
  • Laboratory grade power amplifiers
  • Portable, light weight, convenient and simple to operate
  • Robust trunnion-mounted design to assure reliable long-lasting operation
  • Suspension system consisting of grouped radial and transverse flexures that provide superior payload support, lateral and rotational restraint
  • Bonded spring steel flexures and damping elastomers which provide clean acceleration waveforms with low cross motion and distortion characteristics

Additional options include:

  • Stinger kits for modal testing applications
  • Head expanders to accommodate larger test articles
  • Blower for enhanced cooling for long-duration testing
  • Vertical only and mono-base slip table configurations for testing in multiple axes
MS Series Shaker

MS Series Shaker

VT Series Shaker

VT Series Shaker