Sentek Dynamics Simultaneous Three-Axis Shakers

Sentek Dynamics is the leader in the field of single and multi-axis electrodynamic shakers. Sentek Dynamics’ product line includes air and water-cooled single axis and simultaneous three-axis shakers in a broad choice of forces. The simultaneous three-axis shakers bring real-world vibration environments to test laboratories.

The most common vibration testing has been single-axis (one at a time) in the vertical, longitudinal, and lateral directions. This is certainly not real-world vibration. Real-world vibrations happen in the orthogonal axes X, Y, and Z simultaneously. Simultaneous three-axis shakers accurately replicate real-world environments in test laboratories, and reduce the test time by two-thirds. 

Working Principle:
A simultaneous three-axis vibration testing system is made up of three air or water-cooled electrodynamic shakers, and an Integrated Vibration Generator (IVG). Each shaker drives the IVG through a decoupling device that is stiff axially but can slip transversely. It protects each shaker from damage caused by the other shakers’ movement vibrating in their own axis. The vibration will be integrated and transferred to the work platform where the payload is mounted through the IVG. When the work platform is moving in multiple directions, an oil film lubricates the bearings along each axis in the IVG. See figure below for major components of a simultaneous three-axis vibration testing system.


The featured Sentek Dynamics video clip demonstrates a simultaneous three-axis shaker with single-axis motion in X, Y and Z axes for conventional testing and simultaneous three-axis motion.


Key Applications and Standards:

  • Testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810G Method 527 requirements
  • Testing in accordance with IEEE-344 multi-axis testing
  • Vibration qualifications testing for aerospace/military components and systems
  • Automotive NVH/BSR and component testing