Hydraulic Lift Option

Sentek Dynamics offers head expanders for applications where larger mounting surfaces are required for vertical vibration testing. Head expanders with load support and guidance options increase the payload capacity without damaging the shaker armature and suspension system. The hydraulic lift option is an additional option which eases the lifting and lowering of the head expander to facilitate shaker rotation. The system utilizes hydraulic cylinders to raise the load support structure and significantly reduces the setup time between vertical and horizontal tests and vice versa.

Why Hydraulic Lift Option?

  • Eliminates the need for a crane (or forklift) and associated cabling and harness belts which bear the weight of the head expander.
  • Provides additional safety when switching between vertical and horizontal modes.
  • Prevents head expander and armature insert alignment issues.
  • Extremely useful where there is a space restriction in the testing area.
  • Reduces setup time.

How it works?