Sentek Dynamics’ Mini “Combo” Shaker & Controller Kit

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Sentek Dynamics’ Mini “Combo” Shaker & Controller Kit
The Sentek Dynamics’ Mini “Combo” Shaker is a small, portable 20 N (4.5 lbf) permanent magnet shaker with an integral power amplifier. The design eliminates the need for a separate, inconvenient power amplifier and attendant cables. The drive signal from most vibration controllers and signal generators can be directly connected to the BNC connector on the body of the shaker.

Sentek Dynamics’ mini “combo” shaker can be ordered with an optional slip table. The trunnion design allows the mini-shaker to be rotated and locked for testing in any of three axes.

Mini-Shaker Technology
The Mini “Combo” Shaker’s magnetic field is created by a permanent magnet, whereas, larger electrodynamic shakers use field coils powered by DC voltage to create the magnetic field.

The Mini “Combo” shaker provides a usable frequency range of DC to 15,0000 Hz and a displacement of 0.2 in (5 mm) peak to peak. Options include a 51x51 mm (2x2 in) head expander and/or a 51x51 mm (2x2 in) slip-table. With easy setup and operation, the Mini “Combo” is perfect for frequent conveyance, and educational and research purposes in both labs and industrial environments. 

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Spider-81B Controller
The Spider-81 series is a highly modular, distributed, scalable vibration control system developed by Crystal Instruments. It represents the newest generation of vibration control systems with advanced technology unseen in the current generation. The Spider-81B greatly reduces the feedback loop time of Sine and Random control—perfect for structures with high Q resonances, and resonance search and dwell. Using a patented dual parallel A/D design, the Spider-81B achieves 150 dBFS input dynamic range.

Customers Demand Quality
Sentek Dynamics’ world-class vibration testing equipment is produced in a modern, state-of-the art ISO-9001 accredited facility. We’re dedicated to supplying high quality products which meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.


Mini “Combo” Shaker with Slip-table and Head Expander
Sentek Dynamics’ Mini “Combo” Shaker is an ultra-portable, desktop solution for design verification, research, resonance search, and educational demonstrations. It is ideally suited for testing small, light-weight payloads such as PCBs, ICs, and LEDs for automotive, aerospace, electronic, and medical device applications during development and production testing.

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