The European Automotive Testing Expo 2017

This past month (June 20th, 21st, and 22nd) Sentek Dynamics along with controller company Crystal Instruments attended the European Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart Germany.  Over 6,000 attendees came out to visit more than 300 exhibitors. There was a wide variety of testing equipment displayed at each of the exhibits; it ranged from virtual-reality driving simulators to test and measurement devices including temperature chambers, shakers, and vibration controllers.  Sentek Dynamics and CI together showcased the largest of their L-Series shakers along with a Spider-81 Vibration Controller.

This year’s prominent theme was the focus vendors paid towards testing the limitations of autonomous driving instrumentation.  As autonomous vehicle technology continues to develop, automotive manufacturers need to employ carefully thought out tests to ensure the reliability of the software that drives each vehicle, as well as the computers and sensing elements that provide the necessary feedback to allow the software to navigate the car down the road.

Developers of driver assisted and driverless instrumentation have many situations for which they need their hardware to perform perfectly under.  One such situation that has become evident to CI and Sentek is the increased requirement for vibration and shock testing to test the sensing elements used in autonomous vehicles including lidar, video cameras, radio cameras, and GPS computers.  CI and Sentek witnessed this trend first hand and are working closely with autonomous vehicle designers to provide the best vibration testing equipment to test autonomous driving instrumentation.

This year's European Automotive Testing Expo gave both CI and Sentek the perfect platform for which to discuss and share their knowledge of vibration and specifically how it relates to autonomous driving equipment.  Interested folks stopped by the booth and many engineers walked away with a new understanding on how Sentek Dynamics and CI have assisted in vibration testing in the past and how they can provide their knowledge in the future.

To learn more about the mechanics of vibration and vibration-testing autonomous vehicle equipment and other developments from Sentek Dynamics, please send us an email (, follow our blog updates (, or come see us again at the upcoming Automotive Testing Expo in Novi Michigan, USA.