Need to run ASTM transportation tests? Look to Sentek Dynamics to handle your vibration test needs.


ASTM transportation tests (such as ASTM D4169) are commonly used to simulate vibrations induced by the shipping of containers via truck, air, and rail. Often times these tests require very low level random vibration profiles which can be hard to run and control. On top of that, many of the profiles begin as low as 1 Hz, which can cause problems as well.

For these reasons, selecting the appropriate equipment can be tricky. A Sentek Dynamics shaker with the proper isolation options can reduce the resonance of a system at low levels, and when combined with a Crystal Instruments Spider controller and a PCB high sensitivity accelerometer (for example: model number J353B34) the system will excel when running the required profiles. Look no further if you are in search of the best equipment for the job!