200 kN (44,000 lbf) Water-Cooled Shaker Installed

This past week, the Sentek Dynamics’ Field Service Team completed installation of Sentek Dynamics’ third-largest water-cooled electrodynamic shaker! This extra-high force Model E20064A shaker with a PA4200 power amplifier offers a rugged and proven solution for large payloads and demanding testing requirements.  It will be used by an exciting new leader in energy generation for product development and qualification testing.

System features include:

·       Low-pressure slip-table (LST1200M) for horizontal testing requirements

·       Long-stroke option (LSO) for up to 76 mm (3 in) displacement

·       Motorized gearbox (MGB) for assistance in shaker rotation

·       Degauss coil (DMF) for the reduction of stray magnetic flux

·       Automatic static and dynamic armature centering (AAC)

·       Air-isolation mounts (AIM) to isolate vibration energy from the facility foundation

·       Head expander (HER1200M) for increased mounting surface for vertical testing

Sentek Dynamics is pleased to have served a new customer in beautiful Southern California and complete another successful installation of a Sentek Dynamics’ vibration testing system.  Please contact us for more details.