Sentek Dynamics - Total Solution Provider for Turn-Key Vibration Test Systems

Sentek Dynamics supplies vibration test equipment to reproduce real-world environmental conditions for global manufacturers and offers technology capable of reproducing a wide-variety of test requirements - vibration (sine, random, shock, SoR, RoR, RSTD and others), data recording and dynamic signal analysis.

Located in the center of Silicon Valley, Sentek Dynamics is dedicated to testing, measurement and sensor technology. With this comprehensive product line Sentek Dynamics is able to offer turn-key vibration testing solutions for today's demanding test requirements.

Product Overview

Low-Force Shakers
L Series 100 to 1000 kgf (220 to 2200 lbf)

Medium-Force Shakers
M Series 1500 to 6000 kgf (3300 to 13,200 lbf)

Simultaneous 3-Axis Systems
S series 1000 to 6000 kgf (2200 to 13,200 lbf)

Long-Stroke Shakers
T Series 3000 to 5000 kgf (6600 to 11,000 lbf)

High-Force Shakers
H Series 6500 to 40,000 kgf (14,300 to 88,000 lbf)

Mono-base Slip Tables
Low-Pressure & High-Pressure Hydrostatic Bearings

Auxiliary Equipment
Power Amplifiers, Head Expanders & Accelerometers

Vibration Control System
Spider-81 Fourth Generation Controller


Careers at Sentek Dynamics

Current Position(s):

Environmental Test Lab Manager | Santa Clara, CA

Sentek Dynamics is seeking a motivated Environmental Test Lab Manager to develop and manage an environmental test lab equipped with Sentek Dynamics’ test equipment including vibration testing systems, shock machines and temperature and temperature/humidity test chambers.

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