Selection and Installation of Sentek Dynamics'
THV Series Environmental Test Systems

The selection of a THV system is essential to ensure quality and reliable testing at various environmental conditions for ESS (Environmental Stress Screening). Primarily, the application will determine the type of system that is required. Knowing the size of the test article and the test conditions that it is subjected to will also help in selecting the best suited system.

The THV Series environmental test systems are designed to work with Sentek Dynamics’ air and water-cooled Electrodynamic shakers in vertical only, mono-base and multi-axis configurations, and can accommodate other manufacturer’s shakers.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Chamber volume
  2. Force rating
  3. Temperature ramp rates for heating and cooling of the DUT (Device Under Test)
  4. Type of Controller and its functions
  5. Accessories and options

Sentek Dynamics’ THV Systems
The table below identifies the range of configurations of chamber sizes (internal chamber volume), maximum force shaker model and maximum slip table size. The maximum force shaker model and slip table size represent the largest/highest capacity vibration system that can be combined with the listed chamber model. Sentek Dynamics’ standard THV systems offer a temperature range of -70°C to +150°C and temperature ramp rates of 5, 10, 15°C. Upon request, we can provide systems operating at temperatures as high as +180°C. The THV systems provide a complete and reliable environmental test system to meet the changing test requirements for a wide-range of industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical.

Chamber Model Volume ft3 (L) Maximum Force Shaker Model Rated Force kN (lbf) Maximum Slip Table Size mm (in)
THV-600 21 (600) M2232A 22 (4840) 600 (23.6)
THV-1200 42 (1200) M3240A 32 (7040) 800 (31.5)
THV-2200 78 (2200) H8044A 80 (17,600) 1200 (47.2)
THV-3300 117 (3300) H8044A 80 (17,600) 1200 (47.2)
THV-6000 212 (6000) H12056A 120 (26,400) 1500 (59.1)
THV-8000 283 (8000) H12056A 120 (26,400) 1500 (59.1)
THV-10000 353 (10,000) E30076A 300 (66,000) 1500 (59.1)
THV-12000 424 (12,000) E40086A 400 (88,000) 1800 (70.9)