Permanent Magnet Shakers*

Sentek Dynamics’ permanent magnet, electrodynamic shakers are robust, trunnion mounted vibration testing systems combining a wide frequency band and high sine force.  They are proven solutions for a variety of applications including:

  • Modal and structural analyses

  • Vibration testing of small electronic and electromechanical assemblies, and materials

  • Separation and mixing of powders for laboratory experiments

  • Sensor calibration

  • Education in university and research facility laboratories

The product line consists of the following shakers each offering optimized performance for specific applications:

Mini “Combo” Shaker
The mini “combo” shaker is a small, portable 20 N (4.5 lbf) permanent magnet shaker with an integral power amplifier.  The design eliminates the need for a separate, inconvenient power amplifier and attendant cables.  The drive signal from most vibration controllers and signal generators can be directly connected to the BNC connector on the body of the shaker.

The mini “combo” shaker is ideally suited for frequent conveyance, and educational and research purposes in lab and industrial environments and is available in vertical only and mono-base slip table configurations.

Mini "Combo" Shaker
System Performance
Output Force, Sine peak N (lbf) 20 (4.5)
Output Force, Random rms N (lbf) 13.3 (3)
Output Force, Shock peak N (lbf) 40 (9)
Frequency Range Hz 0.3 - 15k
First Resonance Frequency kHz 17
Max. Displacement pk-pk mm (in) 5 (0.2)
Max. Velocity m/s (in/s) 1.0 (39.4)
Max Acceleration Bare Table g 40
Max Payload gram (lb) 900 (2)
Max Input Current A 4

Mini “Simultaneous” 3-Axis Shaker
Sentek Dynamics is the first to offer a compact simultaneous 3-axis shaker.  Based on the mini “combo” shaker design with an integrated amplifier, the mini simultaneous 3-axis shaker provides 20 N (4.5 lbf) in each axis to simulate a real-world environment for testing small electromechanical and electronic components, medical devices and as well as educational purposes.

Note:  Sentek Dynamics’ mini simultaneous 3-axis shaker uses the Crystal Instruments’ Spider System vibration controller for advanced Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Control.  The Spider System recreates multiple degree-of-freedom vibration environments in the testing laboratory and provides all the control types you may require including MIMO Random, MIMO Sine, MIMO TWR, and more.  For more information on the Spider System see the Vibration Controllers section or contact the Sentek Dynamics’ sales office.

Mini "Simultaneous" 3-Axis Shaker


MIMO Random

MIMO Random



VT Series Desktop Shakers
The VT Series desktop shakers are designed for vibration testing of small components and assemblies and are available in forces ranging from 50 N (11.2 lbf) to 1000 N (225 lbf) when paired with the recommended LA Series amplifier (see tables below).  The VT Series shakers incorporate a robust, lightweight armature and suspension system that provides superior payload support, and lateral and rotational restraint.

To facilitate testing in more than one axis, optional mono-base slip tables are available.  Additional options include head expanders to accommodate larger test articles and a blower for enhanced cooling to enable peak shaker performance during extended periods of operation.

VT Series Desktop Shaker 1.png
VT Series Desktop Shakers
Model VT-50 VT-100 VT-300
Force N 50 100 300
Frequency Range Hz 10 - 10,000 10 - 10,000 1 - 4000
Armature Diameter mm 50 70 70
Effective Moving Mass kg 0.2 0.4 1.5
Sine Peak Acceleration g 30 18 20
Max Displacement (P-P) mm 5 10 20
Max Payload kg 1 1 5
Max Velocity mm/s 800 900 1400
Shaker Weight kg 12 26 38
Recommended Power Amplifier LA-200 LA-200 LA-800
Optional Head Expander mm 100x100 100x100x35H
Optional Slip Table mm 100x100 100x100

MS Series Modal Shakers
The MS Series are designed for laboratory experiments, modal studies and structural analysis. These shakers are available in forces ranging from 50 N (11.2 lbf) to 1000 N (225 lbf), featuring proven performance in a wide range of modal analysis applications. Whether the device under test is a PCB card, automotive component, power machinery, passenger car, airplane, or space craft, one of the MS series modal shakers is capable of performing the necessary tests.

To carry out a successful experimental modal analysis procedure, the choice of excitation function and system is crucial. The modal shaker needs to be portable, durable, and easy to set up. The MS series Modal Shakers are ideal for performing modal analysis. The MS Series modal shakers are best suited for creating an appropriate input forcing function through usage of the Crystal Instruments’ EDM Modal software.

MS Series Modal Shakers
Model MS-50 MS-100 MS-200
Rated Peak Force N 50 100 200
Frequency Range Hz DC - 5000 DC - 4000 DC -4000
Max Displacement (P-P) mm 10 10 14
Max Velocity mm/s 1500 1500 1500
Max Peak Acceleration g 20 20 20
Max Input Current Arms 6 12 25
Elastic Support Stiffness N/mm 4 4 4
Main Resonance Frequency Hz >4000 >4000 >4000
Effective Moving Mass kg 0.25 0.4 1.2
Weight kg 8.2 16 24
Mounting Thread M5 M5 M5
Recommended Power Amplifier LA-200 LA-200 LA-500
LA Series Power Amplifiers
Model LA-200 LA-500 LA-800
Rated Power Output VA 200 500 800
Input Impedance kΩ >10 >10 >10
Rated Output Voltage Vrms 17 20 32
Rated Output Current Arms 12 25 25
Non-linearity Distortion % <1 <1 <1
Amplifier Dimensions mm 320x440x133 448x480x133 610x450x140
Amplifier Weight kg 13.5 25 31
Power Supply 120-240V, 50/60Hz 10A 120-240V, 50/60Hz 16A

*Systems tested & assembled in the USA coming soon. Check here for availability.