An Introduction to Sentek Dynamics Vibration Testing Systems

Whether you are shopping for your first shaker system, or just experiencing your first visit to the Sentek Dynamics Website, you may feel a little overwhelmed. We build a lot of different shaker systems! This introduction to our vibration testing systems will give you a better understanding of what is offered and why.

What's required to bring vibration testing in-house?

So the question is on the table. Should we use an external laboratory to do our vibration tests, or purchase equipment and do the work in-house? Clearly, using an outside facility avoids the capital costs to build and equip our own testing laboratory. We avoid all of the facility running costs and testing equipment maintenance and we don’t need to cultivate our own vibration testing expertise. But, having our own equipment would give us far better control of scheduling, avoid repetitive packing and transport issues and provide us with better security. Further, having such equipment at hand and people who know how to work with it will likely be a huge aide if a new (or revised) product exhibits quality problems detected by vibration testing.

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